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  About us...

HABI-TEK has been in business since 1983 as a building contractor specializing in sustainable building practices and has been doing renewable energy work since 2001. Habi-tek designs and installs renewable energy systems.

Tom DeBates, owner, is an NABCEPTM Certified PV (Photovoltiac) Installer.

Tom is an active member of the


  Our goal...
"The ultimate test of the human conscience may be the willingness to do something today for future generations whose words will not be heard."
-- Sen. Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day. 
"I am committed to the use of renewable energy because it represents a long-term commitment to meeting our energy needs in an environmentally responsible way."                 -- Tom DeBates

You should know...

Most of our energy sources are solar based (exceptions: nuclear, geothermal).

  • Oil, coal, natural gas -- These were formed from plant-based materials ("powered" by the sun) which were deposited millions of years ago. When you fill up your car with fuel, you are utilizing "solar power," only in this case, it has "by-products" (pollution).
  • PV -- Direct from solar radiation
  • Wind -- Due to differential heating of air by the sun
  • Hydroelectric -- Solar energy supplies the "power" to transport the water to high elevation.

We buy cars that run on relatively inexpensive engines but expensive fuel. Using renewable energy is just the opposite. Renewable energy startup costs are more expensive, but the "fuel," the sun, is free, so in the end, we save money... and the environment.

 Tom DeBates, Owner
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