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  Ty Newell - "  Hop Solar"  - Urbana, IL
    "I appreciate Tom staying on top of the technology and keeping in touch with new developments in the industry and sharing those things with us. Also, I think it is important for system designers and installers to be PV certified as Tom is. Proper installation is essential, and Tom's experience allowed us to install the system with confidence. "
  Dore Residence - North Riverside, IL
    "Installation was very professional and conducted on a timely fashion. (Tom) also assisted tremendously in filing for the state rebate. I'm very appreciative of his good customer service."
 Tom DeBates, Owner
 524 Summit St.
 Geneva, IL  60134

 Phone:  630-262-8193
 Fax:       630-262-1343

 Email:  solar@habi-tek.com